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cashbackAPP,  Single.id, and TXI are concepts, technology, business system and trademarks which are owned, licensed and held safely in trust by the UK company, Enigmatic Smile Limited. Enigmatic Smile Limited licenses the CashbackAPP brand, technology, knowhow and methodology to motivated entrepreneurs and organisations in a growing number of countries. It also maintains an ownership in each country.  


Each country works entirely independently to develop its own territories, business relationships, merchants and card base as well as its own balance sheet.


Because each country maintains the same cashbackAPP business model, and because all countries maintain very tight personal and professional relationships with each other, as each country grows, its growth also empowers the development of all other counties.


Everyone is united behind a common vision of an international network of cashbackAPP connected consumers, merchants, and transaction verifiers.

All countires work on an equal footing and partnership basis meaning that we continually learn and evolve from each others successes


With cashbackAPP's team having invested significantly in its development so far, and seeking to expand rapidly, it is currently taking applications from organisations in all countries worldwide who would like to join us in,"Creating change with every transaction." 



"A common aim is stronger than blood."

                                                                               - G.I Gurdieff


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ENIGMATIC SMILE LTD.  Swift House Ground Floor, 18 Hoffmanns Way, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM1 1GU. 

Company Number 08869163    Vat Registration No  GB247613206.

Registered trademarks, UK00002524197, UK00002576644, UK00003007520, UK00003007943 

Data Protection registration reference: ZA062058